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Schedule Your Mindprint Cognitive Assessment Testing Today!

Have you ever wondered why your child has some strengths in learning but struggles more than others? 

Pathways to Admission believes in giving every student a chance to put their best foot forward. Finding executive function testing on your own can be difficult but we've made it easy!


We’ve recently partnered with MindPrint to provide your student with cognitive assessment testing and the tools they need to be successful.


Through MindPrint cognitive assessment you will uncover how your child learns best. After the assessment, we'll go over your MindPrint profile which will identify your child’s learning strengths and provide a toolbox of action steps to support growth in all areas. 


What is MindPrint?

MindPrint is an online assessment that helps students, learn to their best ability in everything they do.


MindPrint is a cognitive assessment developed by neuroscientists through a National Institute of Health research grant at the University of Pennsylvania's Pereleman School of Medicine in collaboration with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the #2 ranked children's hospital in the US. It is available to students aged 8 through 21.


The goal is to put each student on their optimal, individual learning path.

Watch the video below to learn more.

How it works

Step 1

Let us know you're ready

After our initial contact, Our educational support specialist will schedule a meeting to review your concerns and goals as well as explain the MindPrint process.

Step 3


Results are evaluated by our educational support specialist

Step 2

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Online Assessment

Child/Student takes the one-hour assessment online on the device of their choice

Step 4


Parents have follow-up meeting with our educational support specialist

Step 5


Your Student will be given a personalized strategic learning package determined by the assessment

Learn more!

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Ginny is an Executive Functioning Coach with a Certificate in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity.

Ginny Johnson has a Master of Science in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University.

Certification in Education Counseling Professional Certification in Learning Differences and Neurodiversity from Landmark College.

Ginny uses a variety of assessments with students but knows testing for executive function is a great way to start your journey.


She specializes in Executive Function/ADHD/Learning Differences. As an executive function specialist, she is trained in time management, organization, initiation, working memory, cognitive flexibility, inhibitory control, and more to improve academic success for students who learn differently. Learn more about Ginny and Pathways to Admission here.

Uncover how your child learns best through MindPrint

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