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About Pathways to Admission

College consulting with Ginny Johnson

As an Independent College Consultant, I am passionate about working with all students. The college admission process can be daunting and stressful. My goal is to demystify the process while providing a calm and supportive environment.

Pathways to Admission makes it possible to meet anywhere in the United States through scheduled online video meetings. Pathways individualized college consulting is unique and personalized for each student to accommodate your abilities and aspirations.

For the past twenty years, I have worked in public schools as a dedicated College Consultant/Career Counselor. I have worked with well over 12,000 students and have visited 500+ Colleges / Universities.

Pathways to Admission started out of seeing a need to help students and families easily navigate the overly complicated college process. I have done extensive training on Learning Disabilities / ADHD / Executive Function (EF). I am completing a certification course from Landmark College on Learning Disabilities and Neurodiversity.

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How Pathways will help you

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Pathways to Admission provides comprehensive College Admission Support & Expert College Admissions Guidance for students in grades 10th, 11th, 12th, and transfer students. Below are a few examples of how Pathways will help you.

• Counsel students one on one, boosting confidence for future success.
• Comprehensive college search, including major, applications, essays,  resume, mock interview, review of acceptances, and transition.
• Common application including essay & portfolios.
• Early high school preparation & transition.
• Caseload includes a variety of students, specializing in students with learning differences.

• Transition from high school to college.

•  Standardized testing & academic advising.

Free testing, tutoring, and helpful links!

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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Laurie Tall & Ryan Tall

As a parent of a current college freshman, I would highly recommend Ginny Johnson. Ginny was extremely knowledgeable and caring. Her expertise in navigating the college process was exceptional! Having her extensive experience to guide us through the college process was reassuring to my daughter and myself! - Laurie Tall

It was great. Mrs. Johnson was able to offer advice and guidance for a very intimidating college application process. The schools that I applied to were very similar and she helped differentiate them with the existing knowledge she had. - Ryan Tall

Emily Young

I met Ginny at the beginning of my Junior year in high school when the college application process was really beginning to feel daunting. At our first meeting, some of that stress started to melt away. Ginny made me feel comfortable right out of the gate and we immediately clicked. Thank gosh for Ginny! I knew Ginny wasn’t going to do the work for me, but I felt assured that she was going to guide me every step of the way. I wasn’t alone anymore. I was now a part of an experienced team. What a relief! I could see light in what I initially thought was going to be a dark road ahead. Ginny helped me to drill down to the schools that were both realistic and practical for my major, academic capabilities, and financial situation. With Ginny’s help, I applied to and was accepted at, all of my top choices. Ginny assisted me through all of the timelines, deadlines, do’s, and don’ts. Ginny was always and continues to be in my Freshman year of college, just a phone call and text away. Thank you, Ginny. I am forever grateful for all of your support.

Ginny is a warm and knowledgeable professional! As a former high school college counselor and pediatric nurse, she really understands how to relate to young adults. In addition, she knows the nuances of nearly every college and has relationships with many admissions counselors. This is a stressful time and having her navigate the path to a successful college match was invaluable. I recommend her highly.

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