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Our parents are so proud of us. Shot of a group of cheerful university students on graduat

Pursuing a Graduate Degree  With
Pathways to Admission

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Many students choose to pursue a graduate degree upon finishing their undergraduate studies. Sometimes this happens immediately following getting their Bachelor’s and sometimes it won’t be considered until years later. 

Some students know that their desired career path will require it, such as Dentistry, while others may decide to extend their studies later on due to a career change or in search of more competitive pay.

Our parents are so proud of us. Shot of a group of cheerful university students on graduat

Our Graduate School Consulting Services:

At Pathways to Admission, we offer a wide variety of consulting and guidance toward different types of graduate certificates. Explore all of the graduate programs and careers we’re prepared to help you pursue below.

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What are Graduate Degrees?

Regardless of your reason for considering graduate school, doing so means you’ll be embarking on an academic journey to obtain an advanced degree in a specialized field of study. These fields can range from Osteopathy to Speech Pathology.

Graduate degrees, or advanced academic programs also include master's degrees, professional degrees, and doctorate degrees. Having any of the above graduate degrees means that you are specifically qualified or licensed to practice within your area of study. 

How Pathways Will Help You Explore & Pursue Graduate Studies

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  • Review the specific  requirements for the graduate program of your choice

  • Provide academic advising and transcript review

  • Determine your application timeline and process for completion

  • Provide essay preparation

  • Assist with letters of recommendation

  • Provide interview prep (if required)

Maybe you know that you wish to continue your education, but don’t feel overwhelmed by everything that goes into the research, application and admission process. Pathways is here to help make taking the next step in your career a smooth transition.. 

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Ginny is a warm and knowledgeable professional! As a former high school college counselor and pediatric nurse, she really understands how to relate to young adults. In addition, she knows the nuances of nearly every college and has relationships with many admissions counselors. This is a stressful time and having her navigate the path to a successful college match was invaluable. I recommend her highly.

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