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Junior Services at Pathways to Admission

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How Pathways to Admission
can help you as a Junior

The program will help the student in discerning career goals and college majors by providing a calm and supportive environment. Through discussions and self-reflection, you'll learn how to present your best self in the application process.

Pathways to Admission makes it possible to meet anywhere in the United States through scheduled online video meetings. 

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Includes Senior year

The Plan

  • Create a junior year timeline including: test dates, college fairs, meeting with college representatives, and college visits

  • Take the PSAT

  • Take the SAT and/or ACT

  • AP Exams

  • Specific discussions focusing on your areas of interest including athletics and art/music/theater portfolios 

  • Specialized support for students that are LD / ADHD / EF

  • Academic planning & review for senior year

  • Monthly meetings Junior-Senior year

  • Career and learning style assessments (if not already completed)

  • Career goals aligned with college major

  • Develop a college list with questions & answers for evaluation

  • Review summer internships & learning opportunities

  • College personal essay guidance beginning end of junior year

  • Internship application timeline & thorough review of the application to ensure completeness

  • Help prepare applications and brainstorm essays if required for summer opportunities

  • Resources on Financial Aid, FAFSA, and Profile

  • Add to list of your awards, honors, paid and volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. Including hours/week and number of weeks/year.

  • Teacher/counselor recommendations

The Junior Year Package includes all services indicated on the Senior Year Package.

Start Planning Your Future Today.

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