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Freshman Services
at Pathways to Admission

How Pathways to Admission can help you as a Freshman

Geared to help the student transition smoothly into high school. Starting your freshman year allows for a relaxed and steady approach to the college preparation process.

Pathways to Admission makes it possible to meet anywhere in the United States through scheduled online video meetings. 

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The Plan

  • Discuss differences between middle and high school/set goals for freshman year

  • Develop study and organizational skills that will follow the student through high school 

  • Advising on clubs and sports

  • Start a list of your awards, honors, paid and volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. Including hours/week and number of weeks/year.

  • Discuss summer opportunities including possible internships

  • Help prepare applications and brainstorm essays if required for summer opportunities

  • Review of academic history and planning for sophomore year

  • Think about ways to save for college

  • At the end of the freshman year, you will have an opportunity to move into the comprehensive plan starting in the sophomore year

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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Bruce, Jen, & Avery Carter

Ginny was an invaluable help guiding our daughter in the choice of a college that was a great fit for her." - Bruce & Jen Carter 

Ginny was a great mentor to me in selecting a college. - Avery Carter

Colleen Rossi

Applying to college can be stressful for both parents and students. Ginny's excellent advice, guidance, professionalism and personalized attention, made the college application process a positive experience. She relates great with high school students. My son felt comfortable asking questions. After their meeting, my son was confident in his college applications, essay and school choices. I highly recommend Ginny!  

I met Ginny at the beginning of my Junior year in high school when the college application process was really beginning to feel daunting. At our first meeting, some of that stress started to melt away. Ginny made me feel comfortable right out of the gate and we immediately clicked. Thank gosh for Ginny! I knew Ginny wasn’t going to do the work for me, but I felt assured that she was going to guide me every step of the way. I wasn’t alone anymore. I was now a part of an experienced team. What a relief! I could see light in what I initially thought was going to be a dark road ahead. Ginny helped me to drill down to the schools that were both realistic and practical for my major, academic capabilities, and financial situation. With Ginny’s help, I applied to and was accepted at, all of my top choices. Ginny assisted me through all of the timelines, deadlines, do’s, and don’ts. Ginny was always and continues to be in my Freshman year of college, just a phone call and text away. Thank you, Ginny. I am forever grateful for all of your support.

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