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Sophomore Services
at Pathways to Admission

How Pathways to Admission can help you as a Sophomore

Geared for the student who is eager to start the college process early. By starting your Sophomore year you will allow yourself plenty of time to explore and understand the college process.

Pathways to Admission makes it possible to meet anywhere in the United States through scheduled online video meetings. 

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Includes Junior & Senior year package.


The Plan

  • Career and learning style assessments 

  • Review of what majors align with career assessments

  • Review of extracurricular activities

  • Add to list of your awards, honors, paid and volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. Including hours/week and number of weeks/year.

  • Review summer internships and other learning opportunities

  • Help prepare applications and brainstorm essays if required for summer opportunities

  • Review of academic history and academic planning for junior year

  • Take PSAT

  • Start thinking about what you are looking for in a college

  • Solidify summer activities including college visits and possible internships

The sophomore package includes the Junior & Senior year plan.


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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Mike & Alice Walsh 

Just as I was going into full-out panic mode a friend referred me to Ginny Johnson and Pathways to Admissions. It was the beginning of my daughter’s Junior year of High School. The SAT, the ACT, college visits, applications, transcripts, timelines, deadlines, essays, college tours, early decision, FAFSA! What does it all mean?! Where do we start?!

My daughter’s school counselor was overloaded, yet we needed help. Ginny was there with her expertise and experience to guide our family through the college process. From the very start, Ginny’s demeanor was calming and she always put our minds at ease. Ginny’s honesty and care quickly built a pillar of trust for our family and we always had someone to turn to with our questions and concerns about the college admission process.


My daughter found Ginny to be extremely relatable and always enjoyed the time she spent with her. Ginny’s expectations of my daughter were set realistically and appropriately. This allowed me to be confident in my daughter’s college search and application process. Ginny was always available and easy to get in touch with when we needed her consultation. She was always incredibly reassuring. Even as our daughter completes her first semester of college, Ginny is just one text or call away from us.


Ginny is still amazing support and resource for my daughter. One of the biggest positives in working with Ginny is that she motivated my daughter to be independent and responsible for her future. It was a joy as a parent to see her grow so much in this way. Working with Ginny has been a true gift.

Colleen Rossi

Applying to college can be stressful for both parents and students. Ginny's excellent advice, guidance, professionalism and personalized attention, made the college application process a positive experience. She relates great with high school students. My son felt comfortable asking questions. After their meeting, my son was confident in his college applications, essay and school choices. I highly recommend Ginny!  

Ginny is a warm and knowledgeable professional! As a former high school college counselor and pediatric nurse, she really understands how to relate to young adults. In addition, she knows the nuances of nearly every college and has relationships with many admissions counselors. This is a stressful time and having her navigate the path to a successful college match was invaluable. I recommend her highly.

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