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Pathways to Admission helps students get into college

Pathways to Admission
helps students get into college.

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College consulting
for all students.

Pathways provides college consulting that is easy to navigate and understand. All students are welcome and the one-on-one approach provides necessary attention for every personality and need.


Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD frequently have Executive Function concerns. These skills are important for both school and personal success.


I will help your student reach their full potential by identifying strategies for activation, focus, effort, planning, and action to reach all goals.

Pathways to Admission makes it possible to meet anywhere in the United States through scheduled online video meetings.

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How Pathways can help you.

Whether you're just starting to think about college or you're transferring to a new school, you may find​ the process to be overwhelming.

Pathways will help students with the following:

  • Expert College Admissions Guidance and College Planning

  • Career & Major counsel for best-fit College

  • Application and School Year Timeline

  • Essays, applications, standardized test advising

  • High school curriculum planning

  • Learning disability and neurodiversity advising/coaching

  • EF (Executive Function) Coaching

Free testing, tutoring, and helpful links!
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Mike & Alice Walsh 

Ginny is still amazing support and resource for my daughter. One of the biggest positives in working with Ginny is that she motivated my daughter to be independent and responsible for her future. It was a joy as a parent to see her grow so much in this way. Working with Ginny has been a true gift.

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Start Planning Your Future Today.

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