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3 reasons You Need MindPrint for a Struggle-Free School Year

The school year has just started and it didn’t take long to remember your student struggles with learning. In fact, it may feel like you are struggling as you learn how to assist and maneuver your students' education. Sometimes students have a bad year, a difficult teacher, or hard a class but if you leave it up to the student they frequently realize this struggle too late.


A recent national survey from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the Yale Child Study Center found of 20,000 + U.S. High school students, nearly 75% of the students reported feeling negative about their school experience. Almost 80% of students feel stressed about school in general.

Middle and High School is hard enough for your student as they learn to work their way through friendships, sports, and learning the latest TikTok trend. Now is the time to help them unlock their best learning potential.

Below are 3 reasons you should sign your student up for a MindPrint assessment.

But First What is MindPrint

The MindPrint is an online cognitive assessment developed by neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania. MindPrint is an online platform that identifies how students naturally learn best and provides options for how to more easily deliver instruction in the format that is best for each student. This Mindprint test can easily be taken in the comfort of your own home and will be professionally analyzed by a MindPrint learning professional.

Students can listen to the test instructions or read them. Seven of the nine tasks are purely visual and all tasks are self-paced. MindPrint will identify areas of need as well as student strengths.

The goal is to put each student on their optimal, individual learning path.

  • Only takes about an hour to complete

  • Is great for Students ages 10-21

  • MindPrint evaluates 10 core cognitive skills across four key domains.

  • Helps students identify which learning style helps them

  • Has helped 100,000+ participants worldwide

Now that you know what MindPrint is, here are 3 reasons to use it.

1. The MindPrint process is quick… really quick and lays out simple effective results.

The MindPrint assessment takes approximately one hour, after which the results are evaluated by a professional, and parents have a follow-up meeting. This means between the hour evaluation, and pre and post meetings your investment is 3-4 hours, This will help start your student on a struggle-free school year and a new journey of learning. This doesn’t mean your student will be programmed like a machine, instead, you will have a better understanding of how to address your student's specific learning needs.

2. Your Student can cope with / Avoid test anxiety

It’s estimated that 40-60% of students struggle with test anxiety. For some of you reading this, the word test even makes you anxious. Your student can learn how to avoid/cope with test anxiety by developing skills that will be uncovered during the learning profile assessment.

Most academic and standardized assessments measure what content your student does and does not know. MindPrint learning tells you why and recommends learning strategies personalized for your student. By understanding strengths and needs in cognitive skills, you can help your student learn more easily and have more success in academics and on standardized tests.

If you’re trying to decide between the SAT or the ACT MindPrint will identify which test is better and explain why.

3. Know exactly what areas of focus your student needs

The computerized, mindprint assessment is a series of 9 tasks. Each task lasts from 2-9 minutes and is based on widely-accepted standardized cognitive measures. There is no overlap with school standardized achievement tests. MindPrint evaluates 10 core cognitive skills across four key domains. Every skill is precisely measured for speed and accuracy to ensure you have a clear picture of student strengths and needs.

The four key areas are

  • Complex Reasoning

  • Memory

  • Executive Functions

  • Efficiency

What is included in the MindPrint Assessment results?

Every student receives an individualized learner profile that explains the student’s competencies across the ten skills.

The skills are mapped to each academic subject to gain a much clearer picture of why some

subjects might come easily while others require more effort.

The learner profile is part of the student’s broader personalized learning plan.

The personalized learning plan includes easy-to-follow instructional and study strategies.

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